Why Glamping in Scotland is the perfect break for 2021

Glamping has revolutionised camping holidays.

This modern-day twist on the traditional camping trip involves staying in self-contained units, ranging from shepherd huts to safari tents and everything in between – at the Old Manor we offer large canvas bell tents with a touch of luxury.

It offers the wilderness and exhilaration of an outdoor holiday with the luxury many crave from a weekend getaway. Glamping gives the opportunity to stay in some of the most fun and quirky accommodation, which will surely keep the whole family happy.

Glamping Is A Safe Bet

Considering how turbulent the previous year has been, many are reluctant to book overseas trips for the coming months. A glamping holiday might just provide the security we are all craving.

The very nature of glamping accommodation means that it is suitable for all year round adventures. Even in the colder months, this housing style guarantees a warm night’s sleep.

Ultimate Comfort

Glamping completely removes the awkwardness of clambering into your tent and manoeuvring into your sleeping bag in the middle of the night.

British weather is unpredictable, so it is reassuring to know that you have a comfortable place to relax should the heavens open without having to rush around when you arrive on site.

Additionally, the amenities surrounding the accommodation are brilliant, meaning you will never be too far from a clean toilet and a hot shower.


It is no secret that the price of holidaying around the UK is soaring. With the volatility of the current situation, many of us are choosing a staycation over jet setting.

Glamping offers the comfort and amenities rivalling many guest houses, at a much more affordable price point.

Location and Nature

The joy of waking up to the sunrise or watching the twinkling stars immediately before bedtime simply cannot be beaten.
Glamping gives you a taste of the great outdoors that even the most rural hotels cannot.

Great for The Whole Family

After a year separated from most of our loved ones, we are all eager to make memories together.

Traditional camping might not be suitable for the very youngest or eldest in our families. Yet glamping allows the perfect balance of adventure and comfort for all ages.

No Expertise Needed

Many families are averse to traditional camping because they do not have the knowledge or skills required for a weekend in the wild.

Although the cost of camping is low, the gear required initially can be an expensive outlay. Whereas for glamping, there is no need to purchase costly tents, sleeping bags and cooking equipment.

Simply book your accommodation for friends and family, and you are good to go. No equipment or expertise necessary.

Eco-friendly Holidaying

As a nation, we are more environmentally conscious than ever before.

Glamping holidays offer a luxurious getaway without the huge carbon footprint associated with heading abroad.

Even compared to a UK hotel, the environmental impact of a glamping trip is far less noticeable. Additionally, there tends to be a clear focus on sustainability across many glamping sites. Activities that are good for the environment and the body are often promoted, such as cycling or hiking, encouraging a healthy and exciting trip.

At the Old Manor we have a solar shower and a composting toilet to minimise our environmental footprint.

We can’t wait to welcome you!